Sydney, Australia
January 12-13, 2013

This is an intensive weekend-long symposium for those looking to further their floral work specifically in the realm of weddings and events. Individually in their own respective floral studios Sarah and Nicolette have designed and produced hundreds of weddings and parties. Their goal in this advanced level class is to share the methodology, tips, and tricks that have made their studios successful. Topics covered include:

In a relaxed round table approach, we’ll discuss client relations, consultations, proposal writing, budgeting, and the art of working with wedding planners.

Nicolette and Sarah will share case studies of events and review practices on flower budgeting and ordering. In addition, they will discuss in depth the advantages of working seasonally, share tips on flower conditioning (and when not to condition), ideas for containers, and discuss props and rentals.

A large portion of the weekend will be devoted to hands-on floral lessons. Nicolette and Sarah’s wedding designs are known for their loose, romantic and somewhat unstructured approach. Special emphasis will be placed on the nuances of layering color and texture.

Lessons included: The art of composing distinctive bridal bouquets (students should expect to make a bouquet, and then make it again) building centerpieces, crafting boutonnieres, tricks for constructing hair pieces and crowns, and techniques for avoiding wrist corsages.

The weekend’s work will finish Sunday afternoon with a photo session aimed at capturing student’s hard work for their portfolios.

Cost of workshop including materials, lunches and coffee breaks is $2,600

Limited to 12 students.


  1. No!!! I mean, that's awesome for you guys, but I was dying to take your next wedding 101 class. Set money aside for it and everything. But I can't afford the class, and a $3000 plane ticket. Sigh. Have a great time, but please do another NYC wedding class soon!!!

  2. any clue as to which part of Sydney this is going to be? Sydney really sprawls, and the distance from the airport, accommodation etc is a bit of a consideration....

  3. KarenAUS - the classes will be held at a to be announced location in the eastern suburbs/Newtown area.
    Hope this helps.

  4. What about some video lessons available on line? Or tell me what would it take to get you to come to Denver, CO.

  5. Eastern suburb or Newtown area - either one, I so can't wait! :)

  6. Are you working with Saskia Havekes .... To die for Florist , extraordinarily brilliant designer in Sydney ?

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  8. Next time, please visit Victoria also. We love flowers too. This is my favourite local florist... http://prunella.com.au/

  9. I would love to attend this workshop in Sydney if you have any cancellations please contact me.

  10. Oh no I fear it is too late to ask for a place in either of your much anticipated workshops????
    Bridget in NZ.

  11. Sounds amazing! Hope all goes well! I would jump at the chance to take part in this class at some point, so if you'd ever like to travel to Ireland or the U.K you can be sure there'd be lots of eager people willing to sign up!