orange you glad...

...you signed up for the citrus class?!

I can't wait...we've been testing some material - here's a recent example with kumquats, 3 types of cypress, agapanthus, ranunculus and ligurstrum. We've also been collecting milk glass for it too - though a recent purchase of 6 milk glass bowls from ebay proved to be poorly packed, and we lost 3 to breakage. You try hounding the USPS this time of year for reimbursement!


results from the winter workshop

Here at the Little Flower School, we're all about results. And impact.


Winter graduates!!!

Now we're on Winter Break untill January. That doesn't mean we're not sharpening our pencils, brainstorming for the spring classes, so keep up with us here...


little thanksgiving class

We taught a small class with three lovely ladies on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have such an small group, we really got to know everyone. And look at their beautiful centerpieces!

If there is any interest, I think we'd love to do this again before the Winter holidays...a little tutorial on conifer greens followed by a bit of eggnog anyone? [And I promise our heat is fixed in the studio now.]