The Graduates

Our first Flower School we really cracked the whip...the flowers we assembled for class were so beautiful! There were wildly beautiful hydrangea in all sort of antique colors, the last of the season's dahlias, pepperberry, scabiosas (3 varieties), russian olive, rose hips, garden roses, ranunculus, grasses, millet, lucedendron, crocosmia pods, astrantia, brezelia, ligurstrum berries, amaranth, cotinus, seeded eucalyptus, lisianthus, porcelain vine, and persimmons!!

We couldn't have asked for a better first group of students - they were all so enthusiastic, and turned out to be so talented. Thankfully nobody cut their fingers off.

We were both in awe of each persons arrangements. Everyone created a masterpiece!
See for yourself ---->>

We want to extend a sincere thanks to this first group of lovely folks who so enthusiastically joined the ranks of Flower School Alumni! Magna cum laude, y'all!

*Our December class is now full. We're cooking up our winter/spring schedule as I type this - so please stay tuned...

-- Sarah + Nicolette


This arrangement made with amnesia roses, allium, persimmon, wild thyme and begonia leaves. Another example of the alternative autumnal palette...inspired by these lovely lavender echeveria. We're in the final stages of prepping for Sunday. Need to hang some lights, prep a few more flowers, do a little staging, and then of course select my outfit...

We're also starting to plan the December class - Wild Winter Workshop of Wonder?... Wrestling with Withering Winds; Wanting Whispy Winter Wonderment and Wild Wreaths of Willow? Suggestions? It would nice to hear what you would be excited about...



Winter Workshop Added

The November class is now full-- Thank you for everyone's support & enthusiasm!
We're pleased to announce a Winter Workshop on December 6! CLASS IS FULL Details on the way...


Sarah, here...hot to trot with my dusty sagey, ochre-y, robin's egg blue, persimmon color palette...! Maybe my favorite yet this fall. Nicolette and I are meeting today to rap over more flower school details...more soon