orange you glad...

...you signed up for the citrus class?!

I can't wait...we've been testing some material - here's a recent example with kumquats, 3 types of cypress, agapanthus, ranunculus and ligurstrum. We've also been collecting milk glass for it too - though a recent purchase of 6 milk glass bowls from ebay proved to be poorly packed, and we lost 3 to breakage. You try hounding the USPS this time of year for reimbursement!


results from the winter workshop

Here at the Little Flower School, we're all about results. And impact.


Winter graduates!!!

Now we're on Winter Break untill January. That doesn't mean we're not sharpening our pencils, brainstorming for the spring classes, so keep up with us here...


little thanksgiving class

We taught a small class with three lovely ladies on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have such an small group, we really got to know everyone. And look at their beautiful centerpieces!

If there is any interest, I think we'd love to do this again before the Winter holidays...a little tutorial on conifer greens followed by a bit of eggnog anyone? [And I promise our heat is fixed in the studio now.]


Class of November '09

I believe it was Jack Kennedy who said, "Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education."

In other words, WATCH OUT! There are now 9 more floral experts out there.
The proof is in the pudding:



Winter Citrus Workshop {CLASS IS FULL}
Sunday, January 10th
1-4 pm

This is the basics class. We'll cover how to choose, handle and arrange flowers. Following the season, we will have a sumptuous collection of winter citrus (kumquats, lemons, mandarins etc) anemones, ranunculus, poppies, narcissus and more. Everyone will make their own arrangement in a vintage milk glass vessel provided by the school.


Quince Blossoms {CLASS IS FULL}

Sunday, January 24th

This is the basics class. We'll cover how to choose, handle and arrange flowers. With the Chinese New Year one week away we'll be working with flowering quince branches to make lush masterpieces fit for celebrating the new year. Other flowers will include ranunculus, berries, anemones, tuberose and more.


Hail to the Hellebore!
Saturday, February 6th

This is the basics class. We'll cover how to choose, handle and arrange flowers. Very early spring has us in a frenzy for the Hellebore...we'll be using a myriad of early spring blooms. Pale blue, lavender and yellow flowers including grape hyacinth, narcissus, tulips and anemones.


Herbs: In the garden & In floral arrangements {CLASS IS FULL}
February 21st

By the end of February we're all inching to get our hands in the ground - this class will focus on early spring herbs you can grow in your kitchen garden. Nicolette and Sarah will offer their own insight into using fresh herbs in simple ways to enhance your culinary endeavors. Each student will plant a window box with assorted herbs and create an herbal floral arrangement in a vintage ball jar.


All classes are limited to 10 students, unless otherwise noted.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a champagne and tea party.

The class will take place in the Saipua studio at 147 Van Dyke Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Payments accepted through paypal.
To sign up, (or ask questions) email us at hello.flower.school@gmail.com


Over the river and through the woods...

Treat yourself to a little flower know-how and wow your Thanksgiving guests in one fall-swoop!

Tuesday, November 24th
at the Saipua Studio (147 Van Dyke Street, in Red Hook Brooklyn)

Nicolette and Sarah will demonstrate the art of using shallow compotes to create an autumnal centerpiece in the stunning Little-Flower-School style. Students will learn how to work with chicken wire and floral foam. This class is suitable for floral enthusiasts of all levels, and will be limited to 6 students. Each person will complete a floral masterpiece intended for Thursday's Thanksgiving table.

To register, email your interest with any questions to Nicolette at hello.flower.school@gmail.com. As with all flower school classes, payment is accepted through paypal.



The Graduates

Our first Flower School we really cracked the whip...the flowers we assembled for class were so beautiful! There were wildly beautiful hydrangea in all sort of antique colors, the last of the season's dahlias, pepperberry, scabiosas (3 varieties), russian olive, rose hips, garden roses, ranunculus, grasses, millet, lucedendron, crocosmia pods, astrantia, brezelia, ligurstrum berries, amaranth, cotinus, seeded eucalyptus, lisianthus, porcelain vine, and persimmons!!

We couldn't have asked for a better first group of students - they were all so enthusiastic, and turned out to be so talented. Thankfully nobody cut their fingers off.

We were both in awe of each persons arrangements. Everyone created a masterpiece!
See for yourself ---->>

We want to extend a sincere thanks to this first group of lovely folks who so enthusiastically joined the ranks of Flower School Alumni! Magna cum laude, y'all!

*Our December class is now full. We're cooking up our winter/spring schedule as I type this - so please stay tuned...

-- Sarah + Nicolette


This arrangement made with amnesia roses, allium, persimmon, wild thyme and begonia leaves. Another example of the alternative autumnal palette...inspired by these lovely lavender echeveria. We're in the final stages of prepping for Sunday. Need to hang some lights, prep a few more flowers, do a little staging, and then of course select my outfit...

We're also starting to plan the December class - Wild Winter Workshop of Wonder?... Wrestling with Withering Winds; Wanting Whispy Winter Wonderment and Wild Wreaths of Willow? Suggestions? It would nice to hear what you would be excited about...



Winter Workshop Added

The November class is now full-- Thank you for everyone's support & enthusiasm!
We're pleased to announce a Winter Workshop on December 6! CLASS IS FULL Details on the way...


Sarah, here...hot to trot with my dusty sagey, ochre-y, robin's egg blue, persimmon color palette...! Maybe my favorite yet this fall. Nicolette and I are meeting today to rap over more flower school details...more soon



Thank you everyone for your excitement & support! 
Our October 18th class is now full.

We are thrilled to announce an additional Autumn Color Workshop on Sunday November 15 CLASS IS FULL
Class is limited to 10 students. Register early! 
Check out the post below for the class description.

To register  or ask questions please email us: hello.flower.school@gmail.com



Autumn Color Workshop
with Nicolette Owen (of Nicolette Camille) and Sarah Ryhanen (of Saipua)
Sunday, October 18 CLASS IS FULL
1pm - 6pm

Focusing on flowers and plants of the season, this class will explore alternative ways of interpreting the autumnal palette of the North East. In a small group we will discuss methods and techniques for arranging flowers for the table. Surrounded by opulent seasonal materials, students will have the opportunity to create their own autumnal masterpiece to take home.

Class is limited to 10 students.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a champagne and tea party.

The class will take place in the Saipua studio at 147 Van Dyke Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

To sign up, (or ask questions) email us at hello.flower.school@gmail.com


Sarah & Nicolette getting ready for flower school