Coral Sand and Citrus; revisited













This was an amazing class. Thanks to all our talented students! Looking at these photos is so refreshing for me. We learn so much from students. I love the poppy that stands out in the last arrangement. A gesture like this is not something I would often do, but here I think it is offhanded and refreshing - poppy's are strange, whimsical flowers and they look fantastic out on a limb like that. A vivid punctuation to the otherwise rather formal composition. Brava!

We talk a lot about "rules" in class, and then always tell students to break the rules!
Arranging flowers should not be a rigid process, or one involving too many strict guidelines. Making flowers is about happiness, expression and the admiration of nature and beauty! (This from your cranky teacher, Sarah - go figure).

Next to share with you is the orchid class from last weekend...



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