flannel tree

We've just landed in sunny California, it's wild to see how spring has been blooming here! There are passionflowers all over, foxgloves growing out of cracks in the sidewalks and bougainvillea galore.

Whatever! We'll just have to make the best of it while we're here...


So when we're not stalking Annie at Annies Annuals, or eating at Pizzaiola we'll be teaching classes in Oakland; and we've got a few spots left in the May 10th class. You can register here.

And why not, lets give away a spot to a lucky California girl (or boy) comment to win today tell us your favorite flower and be sure to leave your email.

We'll pick someone tonight at random for Thursday evening's class. Should be fun.



  1. Welcome to Oakland, hope you enjoy the warm weather. My favorite flower, though not in season is the dahlia. Thanks for offering this class!

  2. Hi,
    I'm Marlys. My favorite flower is hydrangea. I hope I win! marlysedlund@yahoo.com

  3. My favorite flower is dogwood. And I'm Sara at sraffo@clarku.edu.

  4. Ohhh, how exciting! I love ranunculus. bridiemcsweeney@gmail.com

  5. Hi Little Flower School,

    While I've never been able to choose a favorite flower (favorite child syndrome) without it changing days later, maidenhair ferns have always been my favorite fern. That's almost like choosing a favorite flower, right?


  6. Wow! How wonderful it would be to win a spot in this class. My favorite flower currently is chocolate cosmos for their scent and color. My email is rhismith@gmail.com . Thanks!

  7. Shout out to tor! A fellow foliage lover! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...:)

  8. Such a tough choice, I think I will go with bachelor buttons for today!


  9. this would be amazing! i took your classes in new york and would LOVE to be a part of it out here in oakland. since i am still a bit new out here i'm drooling over the incredible gardens of oakland- with citrus trees and california poppy as the landscape. my favorite flowers of the moment are wild azalea and thistle sage- both plants i've been seeing everywhere. it'd be a great addition to all those spring peonies!

  10. I am loving all the wisteria draping the walls of containers and homes right now. Some of the clusters even smell like grape soda. Pick me!


  11. The native northern california wild flowers that grow close to the ocean and alongside the mountains.. reminds me of home and youth. amanda.e.galli@gmail.com

    -california girl

  12. Just one? oh boy oh boy. well. california poppies. which, i was always told were illegal to pick. true on state property only. anyhow. we have lots in our garden now and they look amazing. are these beauties only meant to be enjoyed in their wild settings? how to use them in an arrangement? i'm sure you ladies have the answers. i will bring some, lots to share....

  13. I'm dying to take this class, couldn't afford it in NY and STILL can't afford it now that I live here! WAH I would love to win a spot!!! Favorite flower, too many to name. Ranunculus, king protea, anemones, parrot tulips, peonies forever, those little spray roses even. composinglaura@gmail.com

  14. How to choose one fav...it must be the rose...beauty, scent, large, small, rambling and upright. Yea, rose. Thank you for the surprise offer of a class. shedilly@sonic.net

  15. I would love to take this class! I've been doing a lot of floral research to possibly do arrangements for my upcoming wedding and my favorite at the moment is artichokes once they've flowered. They are so beautiful, unique, and local. Email is maevesemail@gmail.com.

  16. Lucky 15 randomly generated by random.org; M. Foley see you Thursday!

  17. [Amazing pictures! I wish I would have them on my portal]