In Paris: wholesale market at Rungis



Ribbon at RungisR


Even Parisians like penis on a platter

Bonne annee!
We are thinking about doing some classes in Paris in 2012; and so we came to do a little research and development. Since Friday we've been running around networking and visiting flower shops and atelier's.
This morning we rode out to Rungis; Europe's largest food and flower wholesale market. It is a Massive market full of mostly Dutch product; roses, ranunculus, tulips, hellebores, etc. all very very fresh but nothing especially unique. Are we spoiled in NYC by global imports? I think yes. Maybe Tuesday is not the best market day....more research needed....

Onward to Venice; follow us on instagram; usernames: nicamille, sarahryhanen


  1. wow nice collection of different colour of wholesale flowers in these pitures.
    europe s really a large and big market of this kind of beautiful flowres.

  2. Come to England! We'd love to meet you!
    Looks like we might be quite similar...
    how about a mutual exchange?

  3. Look at those anemones!! How fab!! Did you see any cool carnations/dianthus by any chance?

  4. What a stunning selection of flowers from your market. I wish we had something like that here in Akron, OH.

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  7. Hello ladies, I would love to know if you intend to run a class in Paris- I would be there with bells on! I hail from England, live in beautiful Edinburgh and am just a short hop away from Paris. As a florist I visit Paris as much as possible anyway and will go again this year but will time my sojourn to fit in with you guys if you're going to be there. Whoop whoop (extremely excited)...

  8. I think you are right about being spoiled in NYC. I admire your work and am always wondering where all your flowers and foliage come from, the market in NYC must be incredible! I am dying to get there one day!! And to do your wedding course!