Dahlias, mountain mint, foxglove, porcelain vine


fall is coming

Dahlias season has started and I was seduced by a bunch of soft organgey-peach beauties. I think this variety is called "Croydon Masterpiece". I paired them with porcelain vine, mountain mint & foxglove to make this soft moody early autumn arrangement.

We're so excited about all the new classes and thank you for everyone's support & enthusiasm! We still have one spot left in the Dahlia class! Who's in?




  1. you made that name up didnt you
    ha! I'm excited...these look gorge

  2. I found a dahlia farm in Michigan (field trip!) that has great photos of all of their dahlia varieties. Who names these flowers? Check it out, you can browse by color:

  3. Please forgive the rant, BUT....I took a peek at Hamilton's website. They have got their freak on!!! Also looked at their "Wedding Gallery" and noticed what seemed to be a rather unusually large bout comprised of 2-3 dahlias (it was almost corsage-like!). Got me thinking: I've seem the most diminutive chicks carry HUGE bouquets, so why shouldn't guys do the same re: bouts on their lapels? Slippery slope? I think not. But I wax philosophical...

    I realize the class isn't for another 3 weeks, but I cannot wait for pix; I just KNOW this class will be elegance of the highest order!

  4. I can't wait to take a class at The Little Flower School! I know peonies have a very short season but do you ever do a specialized peony class?

    Also, wrote you up on my blog! Check it out


    -Sarah from The Gamine