1st Wildflower Class

Our wildflower class went off at the end of last month. It was the most flowers I think we've ever had - I'm going to try to list them all just for kicks...

garden roses from California, nigella, scabiosa pods, asclepias, dinner plate dahlias, standard dahlias (is there such a thing?! NO), amaranthus, bronze upright, russian olive, crabapple, black scabiosa, celosia, decorative oregano, hydrangea, thistle, cosmos, echinacea, jasmine, yarrow, lambs ear, nigella pods, purple basil...

And the New York Times came and made a story about flower classes that ran last Thursday. If you didn't see it you can here.*

Snack time included some amazing grapes from Nicolette's courtyard..

And some of the portraits...

* Russell was reading the Times online Wednesday night when the story went up. You know how they rotate the A1 lead story every hour or so?...when he logged on there we were front and center - so surreal! He grabbed this screenshot for me:


  1. the list itself is poetry

    so are the portraits

    love it all

    & congrats

  2. i saw it too that night on the front page wed night when I was looking for the prop 8 coverage...so exciting! Didn't think of taking a screenshot, what a smart one that russell.
    i am in love with nicolette + fay's studio, it's a magical place:)

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  4. Can you tell me more about those black vases? I covet them.

  5. Hi Redfox, The vases are made of resin. Unfortunately this line has been discontinued but you can probably find something similar if you search for resin urn/planters. Hope that helps!