Uh, we've been hoarding this post for a while...The Garden Valley rose report.


There is no rose like a Garden Valley rose, at least in the cut industry - and that's largely because of Fallon Anderson the rose keeper. Located in Petaluma, my new favorite place, a place I could live for a while, and not just because of the roses there. But largely because of them.


Fallon greeted us on a cool and moist may night and we ran through the rows with clippers (the ones that made it through airport security that is) - clipping for the hell of it. Roses need to be dead headed to encourage repeat blooms, and so we were encouraged to cut anything open beyond a crack.


When a rose opens with this swirl pattern it's called quatre couer meaning "four hearts." This one only has three really, but it's beautiful. I heard of a florist once who would throw out all roses that opened this way because they thought they were defected. Gah! Only in New York City!


This rose is called "sweet juliet" and is similar to the "Juliet" roses we get in the flower district from hot houses in South America but a million times better. Trust.




"About Face"


"Pieter B." a rose named after a gardener in Ohio. I love this rose so much. Nicolette's favorite too..


A row of Kathryn Morley...or is it John Strauss? I was having such a hard time remembering varietal names.


A field of "swan" and a tight Pieter B.


Golden celebration, a gorgeous yellow.


And lastly, heres a stunner made by Fallon who moonlights as a talented designer (Fleurs de Fallon) when she's not tending the roses at the farm.

A hundred thank you's to Fallon and owner Mark for letting us come and romp around in the roses, cutting as if it were our own garden, and putting us up in their lovely cottage. Also thanks to Jen Huang for joining us for the class portion of the visit and taking such pretty photos, many of which can be seen on Kathryn's beautiful Snippet & Ink.


  1. Pieter B. EXTRAORDINARY. Wish my roses were as robust; I think my David Austin "Heritage" is a bit tired from all this heat...

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  3. You can't go wrong on these subjects. Easy shots all over the place.

  4. Amazing.....

  5. You did well to hoard this post until it was fully finished! Such beautiful roses- are any of the particular ones you mentioned fragrant as well?

    btw, as a florist in New York City- I feel I should defend myself: I would never throw out beautiful roses with three hearts!

  6. Flowers are awesome, thanks for the post!

  7. These pictures are damn sharp. Did you use a single lens reflex?

  8. So stunning... gosh I can almost smell them!

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