Good morning industrious flower students!
I'm looking at Constance Spry's work this morning. She was sort of the MFK Fisher of flowers...She taught women how simple flowers and foliage plucked from yard and garden could be used inside to brighten the home. I'm crazy about all her work. And it's inspiring me to learn and grown my own flower practice...

Nicolette and I are so busy lately with our own wedding/events work. We have two peony classes coming up that we're over the moon about...and then...what? I had a fantastic lunch with Julie and Nick of Confetti System fame last week and we talked about doing a collaborative class geared toward brides who wanted to make their own flowers and paper favors...we also talked about the end of the DIY wedding movement, so go figure.

There's also a Pink/Copper color class in the works, a class about fall fruits and foliage and we'll definitely be doing a dahlia class...

I want to teach more, but I also have a lot to learn myself...



  1. I've seen only a few pix of her designs, but Constance Spry was such a visionary! David Austin even has an English rose named after her: a lovely pink shrub rose with a strong myrrh fragrance. I was actually thinking of getting one for my new house even before your post!

  2. Thanks for the link!
    I'm a big believer of using flowers and branches growing in my yard to add to arrangements...makes for such a personal touch.
    Have a great day! :)