Ode to the Peony!

Ode to The Peony
Sunday, May 16th, 1-4 pm {FULL}

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who's the fairest of them all??

Few flowers make us swoon like the peony. We'll have tons to play with at the peak of their blooming season. Varieties such as Coral charm, Sarah Bernhardt, Festiva Maxima, Bowl of Cream, George Burns, Red Charm, Duchess, and others. We'll be mixing these bodacious blooms with other spring materials like lilac, lamb's ear, nigella, scabiosa, young (green) blueberry and clematis. Every student will make an abundant summer bouquet dripping in lush peonies! Trust us, we're counting down the days for peony season...


All classes are limited to 10 students, unless otherwise noted.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a champagne and tea party.

The class will take place in the Saipua studio at 147 Van Dyke Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Payments accepted through paypal.
To sign up, (or ask questions) email us at hello.flower.school@gmail.com


  1. TOO AMAZING. I might have to FLY OUT. The fourth picture. Omg.

  2. Would that I could. All my favorites. Some might be blooming in my garden by then. Wanna teach the class here?

  3. My favorites and I just planted 3 new plants in my garden last fall. Might need to sign up so I can make beautiful arrangments every spring.

  4. What is the name of the peony in the third image, with the big yellow/orange center? Is that a Jan van Leeuwen peony? So gorgeous...

  5. Susan- we do have a waitlist and we might be offering another peony class for all you peony lovers out there.

    Courtney-I believe it's a tree peony (not sure of the exact variety) in the third photo & the fourth image is a Jan van Leeuween. Can't wait for peony season! thanks! Nicolette