Hellebores in the Press!

This month's Martha Stewart Living (January) has a beautiful article on the Hellebore...
I just finally read Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart. In it, she highlights what a massive influence Martha Stewart is on the global flower industry. She introduced hyacinths, muscari, fritillaria and the ranunculus to the rest of the world, and moreover, excites people as to how to grow and simply arrange these lesser known flowers themselves.

Do you know what a hellebore is? You can read more here.
It's one of our absolute favorites, I vibrate with anticipation -- they haven't arrived at market yet, but come February they will be in abundance and stunning....


  1. Hello,

    I love your site, and I love hellebores. I would see them alot when I lived in Belgium and Switzerland. Family legend has it that the some of the first Christmas Roses brought to this country, many, many years ago, had been planted in the garden of our home in Geneva, NY. No proof though!


    Marjorie in Carmel

  2. I really love what you girls are doing w/ your Flower School ~ brilliant! And, alot of work...I know :)
    Everything looks great!

  3. Great post and I love me some Martha:)